Homeopathy Treatment For Tumors

What are Tumors?

When there is an abnormal growth of cells or tissues, a solid lesion or swelling forms at the area where the growth takes place. This swelling is referred to as a Tumor. Most confuse tumor with cancer but these two are quite different from each other. While cancer is malignant and can be fatal, tumors, on the other hand, can be benign (non-cancerous), pre-malignant (pre-cancerous), and malignant (cancerous).Tumors and their Characteristics:

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Genetic mutations can lead to neoplasm which is defined as abnormal proliferation of tissues. Most tumors are originated from this neoplasm. Now, let us see the characteristics of different types of tumors.

Benign tumors are mostly harmless though these can sometimes disrupt the growth of the healthy tissues around their location and affect the proper functioning of the body. These do not pose any threat to life as long as they are identified and eliminated in the initial staged. But if left untreated, they can grow into large tumors and seriously affect the functioning of vital organs and can also lead to death. Benign tumors do not usually return after their removal.

Malignant tumors, on the other hand, are a dangerous threat to life. These directly affect the functioning of the organs and even after surgical removal or removal via radiation or chemotherapy, these are known to return in most cases. In some severe cases, malignant tumors cannot be completely cured but controlling their growth is an available option and the treatment is administered accordingly to extend the life of the patient. The treatment for malignant tumors will be dependent on the area in the body where they are located.

It is important to note that the treatment and the chances to recover are highly dependent on the time of detection of the tumor. Even in some malignant tumor cases, early detection and immediate administration of treatment offer good chance of complete recovery.

Homeopathy Treatment for Tumors:

Homeopathy has been proven to be highly effective in treating benign tumors and also in controlling the growth of malignant tumors especially in the early stages. It is suggested to consult your nearest branch of Dr. Care for diagnosis and treatment of tumors.

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