Homeopathy Treatment for Fissures

What is Fissures?

An elongated tear or crack in the anal skin of lower anal canal, characterized by excruciating pain while defecating. Often the stool is streaked with blood. The main reason for fissure is constipation and hard stool. Sometimes the fissures may become chronic leading to localized swelling known as Sentinel pile.

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Causes Of Fissures :

Fissures can be caused due to

  • Trauma due to hard stools
  • Severe diarrhea
  • Insertion of extraneous agents like enema tube, colonoscopy probe and rectal thermometer
  • Pregnancy injuries
  • Anal cancer
  • AIDs and other STDs (Sexually transmitted disease)
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases

The site of fissure is mostly posterior midline of anal canal because of arrangement of anal muscles supporting the anal canal. Rarely may it occur in anterior especially in women due to presence of vagina (Birth canal).


The anal opening is guarded by two groups of muscles called external and internal anal sphincter. While the external anal sphincter is voluntary, under our control the internal sphincter is involuntary and prevents leakage of stool till sufficient quantity of stool reaches the anal canal but if the external anal sphincter is contracted voluntarily due to any reason, stool accumulates in anal canal and water present in it is absorbed by the neighboring tissue. When finally stool is evacuated, it is hard and dry making the sphincter muscle contract more forcefully leading to tear or fissure. When there is a fissure present the internal sphincter remains contracted and does not relax till a long time after defecation causing pain and delay in healing. The intense pain is because though the inner lining of anal canal is devoid of hairs, sebaceous gland and sweat glands it is richly supplied by nervous tissue, making it extremely sensitive to pain.

Symptoms Of Fissures:

The symptoms of anal fissure may include

  • Excruciating pain while defecating and after lasting for sometime
  • Blood streaked stool
  • Pruritis ani i.e. itching at anal region
  • Lump or anal tags at the opening
  • Constipation due to pain
  • Fluid discharge with a bad odour

Diagnosis is done based on symptoms, careful physical examination and if needed a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy

Homeopathic Medicine for Fissures

Homeopathy Treatment– Though the acute pain of fissure can be relieved by application of emollients and pain relievers but the effect is only temporary. On the contrary homeopathy treatment not only relieves the acute pain of fissure quickly, it’s dynamic medicines go to the root of problem to heal it permanently. At Dr Care homeopathy with the advanced constitutional medicines many a patient has found relief not only quickly but permanently.

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