Homeopathy Treatment For Bell’s Palsy

What is Bell’s Palsy?

This is a dysfunction of the facial nerve which makes the person unable to control i.e. flex or move the facial muscles in the area where it’s affected. Also known as facial paralysis, the symptoms of this dysfunction shares some similarities with other diseases like brain tumor or Lyme’s disease. If the diagnosis do not relate to these diseases, the condition can be confirmed as Bell’s Palsy.

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Bell’s Palsy Symptoms

Bell’s Palsy usually affects one side of the face and in some rare cases, the entire facial nerves are affected making both sides paralyzed. Patients affected by this disease have their side of their face against the affected side drooped and will be unable to move or twitch the affected side of the face as the facial nerve is damaged. This damage occurs due to the inflammation of the nerve causing it to swell.

The other important symptoms include

  • Headaches – moderate to severe depending on the extent of facial damage
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Memory issues
  • Weakness in the limbs
  • Physical Imbalance


Patients also experience discomfort while closing eye lids or blinking, eating, drinking, and talking. Usually the onset of Bell’s Palsy symptoms can be observed within 24 hours and the person may appear completely normal until before.

Bell’s Palsy Causes

Though exact causes of Bell’s Palsy are not currently known, experts attribute this disease can be caused by re-activation of certain dormant viruses due to environmental factors, genetic disorders, metabolic disorders, physical trauma, emotional stress. Lyme disease is also considered one of the most common causes for the occurrence of Bell’s Palsy as the facial nerves are more susceptible to damage by this ailment.

Homeopathy Treatment for Bell’s Palsy

Dr. Care Homeopathy offers a safe and effective cure for Bell’s Palsy with ideal diagnosis and subsequent treatment methodology. Our expert doctors will study the patient’s physical and psychological state of health during the first consultation and then constitutional homeopathy treatment is commenced. Homeopathy is considered the best way to defend Bell’s Palsy without any side-effects.

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