Homeopathy Treatment For Breast Cancer

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer has become one of the common cancers in women with a significant mortality rate. It can be treated effectively in its earlier stages but certain advanced stages of breast cancer could be fatal when ideal treatment is not taken at the right time. This cancer mostly affects the women who are middle and old aged. There are a few types of breast cancers and there are different treatments for each of these cases.

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Breast Cancer Signs, Types, and Symptoms

In majority of the breast cancer cases, the first sign or symptom is a small lump or abnormal swelling which can be observed on the mammogram. Though some lumps are non-cancerous, it is highly suggested to consult the specialist as soon as this symptom is observed as the early stages of breast cancer could be cured.

The tumors in breast cancer could be malignant or benign. Benign tumors are not exactly a threat to life and could easily be removed. These tumors do not spread to other areas or don’t usually grow back.

Malignant tumors on the other hand can be fatal if not controlled in the early stages. These could often grow even if they are removed and they can affect the other parts of the body. The cancer cells are usually found in the lymph nodes in the breast and they can multiply. This type of cancer is termed as Metastasis.

The general symptoms of breast cancer include

  • Lumps, usually not painless, but can be prickly
  • Pain and irritation in the breast which is affected
  • Inflammation, rashes, and reddishness of the breast
  • Small change in particular area of the breast indicating the presence of tumor


There are certain risk factors that are known to be common in most cases of breast cancer. They include

  • Genetic factors or changes
  • Abnormal hormonal levels
  • Age – risk increases with age
  • Health history of the family – could be hereditary

Homeopathy Treatment for Breast Cancer

While advanced stages of breast cancer may need surgeries such as Mastectomy which involves surgical removal of the affected breast, the early stages of the cancer can be cured with effective Homeopathy. Dr. Care offers world class constitutional treatment for breast cancer and assures safe and ideal elimination of the threats without any risk of side-effects.

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