Homeopathy Treatment For Gout

What is Gout?

Gout, also referred to as Gouty arthritis, occurs when there is an excess production or overload of Uric acid which is deposited in the joints causing swelling and inflammation. The presence of Uric acid in the blood levels do not pose until a certain level, but if that crosses a threshold, one can experience severe pain and inflammation in the joints, tendons, other tissues, and especially the big toe.

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Gout can also be chronic and if left untreated, can lead to severe damage to the joints, and can also affect the functioning of the kidney.

Gout Symptoms

Gout is observed to be more common in men than in women. The following are the different symptoms in patients suffering from Gout.

  • Swelling and inflammation of the joints and big toe. This is generally more severe during the night time and redness, sharp pain can be observed at the affected area.
  • The same symptoms can be observed in different area including knees, ankles, foot, and other joints.

Gout Causes

As mentioned above, Gout occurs when there is too much of uric acid levels in the blood. In this condition, the uric acid form crystals in the joints that cause swelling and inflammation. The following are the causes and risk factors for the occurrence of Gout.

  • Obesity or over-weight
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Consumption food with excess amount of chemicals called purines. This is mostly found in meat and fish.
  • Gout can also be a side-effect occurring from some medicines

Gout Treatment in Homeopathy

Dr. Care offers best and safe treatment for relief from Gout. Patients can observe immediate results with our world class treatment and medicines. Chronic Gout can also treated effectively with our constitutional homeopathy treatment. Homeopathy is the ideal choice for complete cure of Gout.

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