HomeopathyTreatment For Pityriasis

What is Pityriasis?

Pityriasis is the general term used for a group of skin diseases characterized by lesions which are inherently harmless that do not have the feature of inflammation. These resemble dandruff like scales that appear on different areas of the body. Different types of Pityriasis are categorized depending on the area affected and the symptoms.

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Types of Pityriasis

Pityriasis alba

This type of disease occurs on face, upper arms, neck, or shoulders. These are characterized by round to oval shaped pigmentations that vary in size and are usually white or light pink in color. It mostly affects kids and teenagers.

Though exact cause of this disorder is not determined, exposure to radiation and strong sun can lead to dry skin causing the patches.

Pityriasis rosea

Characterized by salmon colored lesions, this disorder is a mild and inflammatory kind of pityriasis. The symptoms occur gradually and dry skin can be observed with crinkles and scaling. It starts with one patch and subsequent lesions will appear after a week or more. The disease may persist from weeks to a couple of months and they are known to disappear eventually by their own.

Middle aged persons, especially women are more likely to be affected with this skin disorder and it affects certain areas such as neck, thighs, and groin area.

Pityriasis rubra pilaris

This type of pityriasis is considered a chronic skin disease characterized by small follicular papules, and yellowish pink scaling patches. It affects scalp, sides of the neck, and the trunk area. Though the symptoms or the patches are less in the beginning, more lesions may start to appear and patches may extend in size and intensity after a few days.

Severe cases of this problem would need immediate medical attention to prevent damage to the skin.

Pityriasis Versicolor (tinea versicolor)

This is characterized by thin scaling and patches on the skin and affects mostly the areas of upper trunk and upper arms. The patches observed in this case are mostly yellowish or brownish on pale skin and delicate scaling on dark skin. Symptoms may include mild inflammation and itching.

People living in areas of high humidity and temperatures are more likely to be affected with this disease.

Homeopathy Treatment for Pityriasis

Pityriasis of all types can be effectively cured with the help of Homeopathy. Patients will be relieved of symptoms like inflammation, irritation, and reddishness in a short time and the condition will be made to disappear without any side-effects through Homeopathy.

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