Homeopathy Treatment For Autism

What is autism?

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder characterized by trouble in social interaction and communication along with restricted and repetitive behavior. Once thought previously that autism is one single disease but now word “spectrum” has been added to include the wide gambit of symptoms it includes. Though the first signs of autism may begin as early as six months of age but the signs and symptoms are noticed by the parents when the child is two to three years of age and boys seem to be more affected than girls.

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What are the causes of Autism or ASD?

Though the exact cause for Autism has not been established by the scientists, it has long been presumed that there could be genetic link to autism. Besides these factors like exposure to certain viral infections, heavy metals during pregnancy, late pregnancies, emotional stress, smoking and drinking during pregnancy and certain vaccines have been suspected to be the cause of autism.

What are the symptoms of Autism or ASD?

It is distinguished not by a single symptom but by multitude of symptoms which affects the child interactive and communication skills.

Social symptoms- The children suffering from autism may depict various levels of impaired social interaction depending on severity. It is agreed that typically all these children show impaired social behavior. Along with that they may be

  • Lack of eye contact while communicating
  • Impaired understanding of emotions of others making them appear cold and unresponsive
  • Inability to relate and interact with other children and may appear aloof and lonely
  • They may react violently to simple things like change in routine, dazzling bright lights, sounds etc.
  • They may indulge in activities like head banging, lip biting etc.
  • Display unusual obstinacy and throws tantrums frequently
  • Some may show marked physical restlessness making them hyperactive while some may be very slow and sluggish
  • Some may have difficulties in learning
  • They may have difficulty in judging dangers and may behave recklessly
  • They may appear to be lost in a dream world
  • They may be unresponsive to verbal or oral instructions
  • They may display strong attachment for few selected things
  • Some may even laugh or cry without any reason

Communication – Many children suffering from autism display varying degree of speech impairment. Some may have no speech, while some may show delay in speech development but it is commonly observed that even in those whose speech is developed, they may have

  • Limited vocabulary or speech may lack clarity
  • Repetition of words or phrases throughout
  • Instead of replying they my repeat what is spoken to them
  • Instead of asking for what they need, they may simply point it out by gestures
  • May not be able to comprehend simple instructions or directions
  • There voice may have abnormal tone or pitch


Restricted and repetitive behavior- Besides deviation in social and communication behavior many of these children display repetitive actions like flapping the hands, rocking a chair and some show unusual rigidity towards any change in their behavior. Many children suffering with Autism may exhibit symptoms of Attention Deficient hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Best homeopathy treatment for autism.

Homeopathy treatment – is a safe and effective way of treating a child showing autistic behavior. It dwells in the child’s emotional, mental and physical symptoms along with assessing the birth history and parental history. These potent medicines work on a dynamic plane and benefited many autistic children bringing smile on the face of parents. Dr Care homeopathy is headed by a team of well experienced doctors who are skillful in dealing with children suffering from autism, ADHD and other behavioral problems.

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