Homeopathy Treatment For Lumps

What are Lumps?

Lumps or breast lumps are benign tumors found in women and are developed because of the hormonal changes and abnormalities. These are non-cancerous and are hence not life-threating but can lead to certain health complications due to the changes in the breast tissue and depending on their category or type. The three types of breast lumps are cysts, fibroadenomas, and pseudolumps. Lumps are common among younger women than in aged persons.

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Lumps Symptoms

If the lumps in the breast area associated with severe pain, it is a cause for concern as it could be breast cancer. But usually, these are not associated with severe pain but can cause discomfort or heaviness. The following are the different symptoms observed in this case.

Cyclic mastalgia which causes discomfort before the menstrual cycle or period but often relieves you of the pain during the time of period. This is because of the hormonal changes and occurs in the majority of the cases involving lumps.

If the discomfort or pain is not in relation to the menstrual cycle, it is considered non-cyclic mastalgia. Cysts can be linked to this condition and it usually appears in older women

  • Breast infection can also be a symptom of the lumps
  • Mastitis
  • Swelling, redness, and inflammation of the breast
  • In some rare cases, lumps can also be observed in male breasts

Causes of Lumps

Though the exact cause or factor for the lumps are unknown, there are certain risk factors that can trigger its onset. Hormonal changes, depression and anxiety, trauma, excessive exposure to radiation, environmental and genetic factors, and pregnancy can lead to the development of lumps.


An ideal method to achieve relief from the symptoms of Lumps is Homeopathy treatment. Dr. Care offers safe and effective treatment and medicines that would relieve you of the discomfort and pain caused by this problem and ensures that the effect is not spread to other vital organs of the body. The treatment poses no threat of side-effects and is considered the safest of all treatments.

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