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Asthma is a long-term lung disease in which the airways or tubes in the lungs that carry air in and out have an impact and may swell and become narrow, causing excess mucus to be produced. 

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It makes breathing difficult, causes shortness of breath, and results in coughing.

Types of Asthma:

Childhood Asthma:

  • Children with Asthma is referred to as childhood asthma. Children may differ in their susceptibility to developing Asthma and in the frequency and severity of their asthmatic attacks. If mild childhood asthma is treated effectively during this age, it may go away. However, Asthma is still likely to flare up later in life. Children aged one to fourteen are more likely to develop Asthma due to exposure to various allergens, environmental pollution, chemical exposure, hereditary factors, dietary choices, and the abuse of antibiotics.

Occupational Asthma:

  • Occupational Asthma is Asthma brought on by a person's line of work. The symptoms of occupational Asthma worsen while working in a specific environment, such as a bakery, chemical industry, farm, laboratory, medicinal factory, metal or plastic plant, wood factory, painting job, etc.
  • When the patient is away from the job or other environments that cause an asthma attack, their symptoms may be relieved more effectively. Along with the symptoms of Asthma, some patients may also have symptoms including a runny nose, congestion, eye discomfort, cough, etc.

Seasonal Asthma:

  • Seasonal Asthma is a type of Asthma that affects some patients only during particular times of the year. This type of Asthma is characterized by symptoms brought on by seasonal triggers, such as pollens, cold temperatures, foggy or wet weather, etc.

Asthma Induced due to Exercise:

  • Many asthma patients can have an acute asthma attack after a strenuous workout. Immediately following a workout, patients may experience coughing, shortness of breath, and chest tightness.

Causes & Symptoms of Asthma:

Causes of Asthma:

  • Asthma's exact root cause is unknown. Genetics and environment play a vital role in the occurrence of Asthma. The root causes of Asthma are not fully known. Possible contributing factors include:
  • Inherited sensitivity to develop allergies.
  • Parents already having asthma issues.
  • Some forms of airway infections at a relatively young age.
  • Exposure to environmental elements like tobacco smoke or other air pollution.
  • Exposure to numerous irritants and chemicals that cause allergies (allergens) can also cause asthma symptoms.

Asthma Symptoms:

  • The most typical asthma symptoms include shortness of breath and chest tightness; however, not everyone with the condition has these issues.
  • Wheezing
  • Cough lasting for more than a week or that flares up at night
  • A persistent cough (sometimes coughing is the only symptom you will have)

The following symptoms can identify asthma emergencies:

  1. Rapid deterioration of shortness of breath or wheezing
  2. There was no improvement in the health even after taking a quick-relief medicines
  3. Shortness of breath after doing light physical activity

If you suspect you have Asthma. Consult a doctor if experiencing regular coughing or wheezing lasting for a few days or have any other signs or symptoms of Asthma. 

  • Early detection of Asthma may help avoid long-term lung damage and keep the illness from worsening over time.
  • After being diagnosed with Asthma, keep track of it and always follow the precautions doctors suggest. Proper management improves health and can prevent a potentially fatal asthma attack.
  • Do not take more medicines than is advised. Overuse of asthma medicines might result in negative effects and may aggravate Asthma.

Asthma and Homeopathy Treatment

Asthma is a disease that manifests as symptoms at the pulmonary level due to the internal immune system’s hypersensitivity; therefore, the condition must be corrected at the immunological level to treat Asthma at its source. 

Homeopathy adheres to the same idea. It treats Asthma at the immunological level by reducing hypersensitivity and enhancing the immune system’s potential for healing.

Asthma requires ongoing management because it is a chronic, reoccurring condition. Since homeopathic medicines have no negative effects and do not create dependency, homeopathy is particularly successful for the long-term treatment of Asthma.

Acute asthma attacks can be managed with conventional therapy. Homeopathy, however, works amazingly to reduce the frequency, length, and severity of acute asthma attacks. Many people who had this chronic illness found relief with homeopathy.

Dr. Care Homeopathy has been treating individuals with Asthma and other chronic ailments for the past 20 years. The prognosis for Asthma has improved due to a substantial study in the field of Homoeopathy treatment of Asthma, which has also helped many patients worldwide recover from the condition.

Our experience at Dr. Care Homeopathy shows that the homeopathy treatments given for Asthma have worked wonders for all age groups with different issues. 

The treatment given here relieved the Asthma patients from the attacks and triggers for a longer period of time, making their lives much better. 

Regular and timely usage of our medicines has also reduced the frequency, intensity, and duration of the attacks and the symptoms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the lining of the lungs' airways, which causes these airways to contract easily. To regulate this inflammation, an asthmatic may encounter breathing difficulties and would be needing proper treatment.

Visiting a healthcare professional is the only way to determine whether the person has asthma. Frequent coughing Wheezing Breathing difficulty Chest discomfort Chest tightness or discomfort Respiratory infections take a long time to heal

The person is more likely to get affected by asthma if it runs in the family history. Allergies also increase asthma risk to pollen, home dust mites, or animals. If a person has a predisposition to asthma, exposure to cigarette smoke, air pollution, or other inhaled irritants may exacerbate their symptoms.

Asthma triggers are factors that irritate the airways or exacerbate airway inflammation to cause asthma symptoms or an asthma attack. Although they are not always the root cause of an asthmatic propensity, certain triggers can precipitate attacks in people who already have one.

Asthma is a chronic illness and likely a lifelong tendency to develop symptoms. Some children only experience occasional symptoms. Additionally, by the time they are in their mid-teens, some kids with mild asthma will no longer exhibit any symptoms.

Yes, people with asthma can experience attacks during viral respiratory diseases like the flu or the common cold. If the underlying asthma inflammation is not appropriately addressed, viral infections are thought to be more prone to cause symptoms.

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