Homeopathy Treatment For Ichthyosis

What is Ichthyosis?

Ichthyosis is the common term for different types of skin disorders or diseases that are most commonly characterized with dry, scaly, and flaky skin often associated with inflammation. Among these skin diseases, ichthyosis vulgaris is considered to be the majority of the cases diagnosed

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Types of Ichthyosis

The types of ichthyosis are determined or identified by the area affected, the appearance of the disorder, and the cause. The severity or intensity of the problem varies and treatment varies accordingly. Besides Vulgaris, some other forms of ichthyosis included X-linked, bCIE, nbCIE, Harlequin type, bullosa of Siemens, hystrix, and lamellar type of ichthyosis. These contribute to a very minor percentage of ichthyosis cases.

Measures to be taken

When the patient is affected by any of these skin disorders, very hot baths must not be taken and dry out the skin immediately. Warm to cool water for a bath is suggested without the use of soap. Cold climates may aggravate the symptoms so it is better to choose to live in warmer conditions.


  • Unhygienic living
  • Use of contaminated or polluted water
  • Environmental factors
  • Genetic and hereditary factors

Homeopathy Medicine for Ichthyosis

Homeopathy has proven to be highly reliable in controlling the symptoms caused by Ichthyosis. This is the safest way to go about a treatment as there is no threat of side effects or additional complications. Dr. Care offers world class treatment and medicines for controlling ichtyosis.

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