Homeopathy Treatment for Irregular Menses

What are Irregular Menses?

If the occurrence of menses varies from the normal time periods making them either more frequent or less frequent, the condition is referred to as Irregular Menses. Usually, menstrual periods occur once a month on an average. If menses occur less than 4 weeks which means the more frequent occurrence, it is referred to as metrorrhagia leading to excess bleeding. If menses occur just 2 – 6 times a year, it is referred to as oligomenorrhea or infrequent menses.Symptoms

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The variation of the frequency in menses is itself a symptom in this disorder which will be obvious. But there are other symptoms that may be experienced by women suffering from either type of irregularity

  • Consistent pain in the abdomen
  • Heavy blood loss in case of frequent menses
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Back pains
  • Infertility problem
  • Depression


  • Stress
  • Certain medicines that speed up or slow down the occurrence of menstrual cycle
  • Consumption of alcohol, heavy caffeine
  • Cigarette smoking can lead to shortening of the menstrual cycle
  • Eating disorders
  • Anorexia
  • Abnormality in hormonal levels
  • Strenuous activities involving extreme physical stress observed more in sportswomen and athletes
  • PCOS


Irregular menses and PCOS are often related to each other in occurrence. The increased levels of androgens cause this problem which can also lead to hair growth in unwanted areas.

Homeopathy Treatment for Irregular Menses

Safe and effective treatment for irregular menses can be achieved through Homeopathy. The treatment is aimed at identifying the root cause that is leading to irregular menses and the medicines is administered accordingly. With homeopathy, there is no problem of side-effects and further complications. The effects of Irregular menses such as infertility and unwanted hair growth can be prevented with Homeopathy.

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