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Acne or pimples, as it is commonly known, is a chronic skin inflammatory condition caused due to clogging of skin pores with dead cells and excess oil (sebum). Though thought to be a teenage condition it can affect any age group and gender. It is not a life-threatening condition but it can leave behind permanent scars causing mental agony and low self esteem. It is characterized by white or blackheads and pimples.To avoid acne homeopathy for acne will helps you. To know more information about homeopathy medicine for acne and how it effects your skin follow the below information.

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It is every one’s dream to have clear beautiful skin but acne is one skin problem which every teenager dreads. The skin contains oil producing glands called sebaceous glands which are in close association with the hair follicles (skin pores). The dead skin cells are expelled from the same passage as sebum but when there is excess of secretion the passage may get clogged leading to accumulation of sebum and dead cells leading to acne formation. The oily sebum also acts as a good medium for bacteria to thrive and may lead to pus formation in some cases. The factors which trigger acne formation are:

  • Hormones- There appears a link between acne and hormones. Spurt in acne is seen during puberty when there is increase in production of Androgens and testosterone, similarly more acne is seen in women at menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause. Beside these women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOD) and those on certain hormonal medicines also show a tendency for acne formation.
  • Genetics- the predisposition to develop acne seems to be a hereditary tendency
  • Stress- causes secretion of endorphin hormones which in turn seems to trigger hormonal changes leading to acne formation
  • Infections- certain bacteria like Propionibacterium acnes and mites like Demodex are suspected to cause acne
  • Diet- sweets, caffeine, oily and spicy foods, red meat, food having high glycaemic index, excess of vitamin B12 may be related to acne formation.
  • Other factors- pollution, leaving face creams and other cosmetic creams overnight on face may cause acne.

Classification of Acne:

Depending on severity of acne it can be classified into

  • Mild – limited only to face and are known as Comedones and may appear as white heads or black heads
  • Moderate- when there are papules and pustules on the face and back
  • Severe with formation of nodular eruptions on face and extensively over trunk
  • Acne inversa or Hidradenitis suppurativa – characterized inflamed swollen lumps in arm pits, groin region and under breasts. Though referred as acne as it does not involve increased production of sebum or comedone formation hence it is considered as separate condition.
  • Acne Rosacea- mainly affects the face. It is called rosacea for the facial redness it causes. Besides redness, pimples, swellings, dilated blood vessels and a bulbous nose are seen. It generally occurs in adults and as it does not involve comedone formation it is not considered as acne.

Symptoms of Acne:

Main symptoms of acne not only includes skin lesions like white heads, black heads, pustules or nodule formation and increased sebum production but also has psychological impact like low self confidence, negative opinion of themselves, anger and frustration, depression or social withdrawal.

Homeopathy for Acne:

Many persons suffering from acne try applying various cosmetic creams and lotions and undergo cosmetic procedures but the underlying cause triggering acne formation remains the same. Homeopathy medicine for acne on the contrary not only helps to slow down and finally stop acne formation; it helps to heal from within giving a healthy skin. The constitutional medicines based on physical, mental and emotional make up of a patient not only heals the skin but also helps the patient in alleviating the psychological impact of acne without any side effects. Dr Care homeopathy is headed by a team of skillful and qualified doctors who have successfully treated many such cases.

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