Homeopathy Treatment For Brain Tumor

What is Brain Tumor?

Brain Tumor occurs when there is an uncontrolled or abnormal growth and multiplication of cells within the brain. These cells can either be malignant or benign where malignant cells can lead to cancer and benign cells are non-cancerous. It can affect people of all age-groups and severe brain tumors can be fatal. In children, these are primarily located in posterior cranial fossa and in adults, they are majorly seen in the anterior two thirds of cerebral hemispheres. But in general, they can affect any area of the brain.

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Brain Tumor Symptoms

The symptoms of brain tumor are dependent on the type of tumor, the size of the tumor, and the area of the brain it has affected. While benign tumors show slow or gradual symptoms, malignant tumors show early onset of symptoms and need immediate medical attention.

The following are the symptoms usually observed in brain tumor cases characterized by large tumors which cause extensive peri-focal swelling edema. This leads to an increased intracranial pressure causing

  • Severe Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Coma or temporary state of unconsciousness


Small tumors which obstruct the flow of cerebrospinal fluid will also cause the intracranial pressure and may cause displacement and swelling of certain parts of the brain.

Depending on the location of the tumors, symptoms may vary and patient may experience any of these issues

  • Cognitive and behavioral impairment
  • Personality changes
  • Double vision
  • Facial paralysis
  • Visual field impairment
  • Brain trauma
  • Neurological stroke
  • Motor and Sensory impairment

Causes Of Brain Tumor

There are certain genes in humans called tumor-suppressor genes and when these are damaged or mutilated, there is a high chance of being affected by brain tumors. A few inherited diseases and syndromes could also lead to brain tumor. Studies show that excessive use of cell phones increases the chances of being affected. In some cases, people affected by malaria can also be later affected by brain tumor as the mosquitoes which cause malaria may transmit some foreign agent or virus that could trigger the tumor.

As far as environmental factors for the cause of brain tumors are concerned, excessive exposure to vinyl chloride and ionizing radiation are known to be major factors.

Homeopathy Treatment for Brain Tumor

Dr. Care offers constitutional treatment that can effectively control the growth of the tumors and could prevent the spread of the disease. Our branches are equipped with experienced doctors in this category who have a successful record of controlling this disease in numerous cases. Homeopathy is always the safe and ideal choice for treatment of chronic diseases such as brain tumor.

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