Frequently Asked Questions

The small doses used in homeopathic medicines make them extremely safe. Of course, it is important to know how to prescribe the medicines.If a person is using Homeopathic medicines, is it possible for them to use Conventional drugs at the same time?It is possible to take them together, though the homeopathic medicines often work fast and well enough that the person does not need to take conventional drugs.If the medicines are so effective, Why isn’t Homeopathy more popular Today?Actually, homeopathy is quite popular in many countries in the world. As for homeopathy in the INDIA., it was also very popular here. At the turn of the century, 15% of physicians were homeopathic physicians. Homeopathy is particularly popular in France, England, Germany, Greece, Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa.Is it ok for children, pregnant women, elderly people or animals to take homeopathic remedies?Absolutely. Homeopathy is a wonderful, gentle healing modality appropriate for people of all ages and conditions. It also is extensively used to treat animals.Diet is not strictly speaking an issue in homeopathy, but eating foods that are well suited to your system will promote the healing process.

Positive Homeopathy- Advanced Constitutional Homeopathy

The Ideal Curing Process

“A curing process or a treatment can be referred to as perfect only when it prevents the future occurrence of the same ailment, especially a chronic disease. And that is ideally possible with Constitutional Homeopathy”, says Dr. A.M.Reddy, Director of one of the renowned Homeopathic chain of clinics established across many cities in South India, Positive Homeopathy. He explains why Homeopathy, especially the Constitutional treatment, is preferable to all kinds of modern treatments.

The Treatment Approach

The treatment for different diseases can be approached in 3 different ways through Homeopathy and we, at Positive Homeopathy apply them depending on the type of disease. First there is basic treatment which can be considered a first aid for small bruises, minor injuries, and rashes which we can get rid of very soon.

Acute Ailments

Coming to the next kind, there are a few health issues almost every human being encounters at one or more stages of his or her life. These are known as acute health diseases which usually and eventually go away on their own without any treatment. But we cannot estimate the time by which the patient can be relieved of the symptoms if no treatment is offered. Some of these diseases include Common Cold, Cough, and Muscle Sprains etc.

The Solution

For these ailments, Acute Homeopathy treatment is offered which basically enhances the immunity or resistance power in the patient’s body and hence reducing the risk of being attacked frequently by the same disease in the future. Homeopathy is very much preferred here because it’s safe and entails no side-effects

The Ultimate Treatment

The third one and the most important one of all is the Constitutional Homeopathy. There is a very fundamental principle involved behind this methodology. This entire treatment is aimed to treat the under-lying cause behind the symptoms indicating the ailment, but not the symptoms themselves.

Constitutional Treatment – The Principle Behind

It studies the person’s health system as a whole including past health history, both physical and psychological history of the patient. It works on the principle that a person’s body and mind are integrated with each other which helps understand the immune system of the patient and identifies the root cause of the problem and starts solving it from there.

Our Body – A Fighter

To explain it better, let us consider an example. It is a common notion among people that some symptoms like fever or cold is itself the problem they are suffering from. But the truth is that they are just indications that our body’s immune system led by white blood cells are defending the foreign agents i.e. the infection which is the root cause of the problem.
Problem with Modern Drugs

Most modern or conventional drugs try to suppress the symptoms to offer immediate relief for the patients. But this does not entirely solve the problem, the root cause, and there is every chance that the patient might go into a relapse. This is where Constitutional
Homeopathy plays a vital role.

Constitutional Homeopathy is very much effective in treating Chronic or long term diseases as it strengthens the immune system that fights off the ailment. It is a NATURAL AND IDEAL WAY TO GET RID OF A DISEASE.

A Team of Expert Homeopathy Specialists

Positive Homeopathy features an expert team led by the experienced Dr. A.M. Reddy All the branches of Positive Homeopathy are installed with international standard equipment and state-of-the-art facilities for the patients. The doctors here are well trained in Constitutional Homeopathy treatment. The entire team of Positive Homeopathy is dedicated towards providing exceptional and promising treatment services for the patients as well as promoting the significance of Homeopathy through frequent awareness camps.<

Serving Thousands across the Globe

Also by offering online consultation, Positive Homeopathy has expanded its services across the globe virtually. It is well-known for its unique approach and application of classical Homeopathy process in treating any kind of ailment resulting in highly successful results. Positive Homeopathy treats about 1500 patients world-wide on a daily basis and the doctors here believe that Constitutional Homeopathy process has been a key factor for their high percentage of success in treating different diseases.