Sinusitis: Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathic Treatment

Sinusitis is an infection or inflammation that occurs when your sinuses, air-filled cavities around your nose, cheeks, and eyes. The rash is caused by a cold, bacterial, or fungus attack. Well, it’s evident that your sinuses are inflamed during the infection, and the mucus cannot drain in most cases. In this article we will know more about symptoms, causes of sinus infection and homeopathy treatment.

Upon time intervals, the sinus cavities disallow the person to feel difficulty breathing as it blocks the nose. The expertise uses a few of the most common homeopathic medicines used to treat sinusitis. 

Sinusitis can be 

  • Acute – Lasting symptoms fewer than eight weeks
  • Chronic – Recurring symptoms or lasting longer than eight weeks 
  • Recurrent – Yearly, three or more acute sequences  
  • Sinusitis is prevalent 

Homeopathic medicine treatment is recorded as an effective way of treating 

  1. The acute symptoms of sinusitis  
  2. Professional constitutional care is recommended to cure chronic sinusitis.

Types of Sinusitis  

The paranasal sinuses are:

  1. Ethmoid Sinuses (green)
  2. Frontal Sinuses (checkered)
  3. Maxillary Sinuses (red)
  4. Sphenoid Sinuses (yellow)

Areas of Sinusitis 

Check out the space below to get details about the affected places of the person by sinusitis which are listed: 

  • The ethmoid sinuses – found between the nose and eyes. 
  • The frontal sinuses – located in the forehead and eyebrow area. 
  • The maxillary sinuses are the size of the cheekbones. 
  • The sphenoid sinuses, found at the farthest back in the skull, are located deep behind the nasal cavity.

With the information listed above, you can check the type of sinusitis and share the details with the Doctor to reduce the wastage of time in diagnosis. By doing this, the frequency of the disease can be decreased in a few consultations. 

Classification of Sinusitis 

Sinusitis has two significant classifications 

  • Chronic
  • Acute 

Acute sinusitis 

It is the type of sinusitis where people suffer from abnormal secretion along with the production of mucous. It is similar to cystic fibrosis. On x-rays, this is recommended by air-fluid levels, which are found in the sinuses. Patients with HIV or AIDS or with immunodeficiency diseases are subjected to high chances of getting acute sinusitis.

Chronic sinusitis 

This is usually diagnosed soon after a patient has infected a sinus that lasts about three weeks to three months. There familiar sources for chronic sinusitis are allergies, asthma, damp weather, and nasal polyps. On x-rays, the disease is seen as nasal sinus wall thickenings and bony sclerosis. The general population is more at risk of developing chronic sinusitis.

Sinusitis Symptoms 

Sinusitis infection sign different symptoms, depending on the person’s affection rate of sinus and immunity. 

These symptoms include

  • Bad breath
  • Blockage of the nose and frequent discharge of thick and yellowish-green color mucus
  • Dental pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Frequent cold
  • Fever and headache
  • Heavy headedness and dizziness
  • Loss of smell in certain chronic cases
  • Pressure or pain in the sinus area

The above mentioned symptoms for sinusitis depend upon the immunity of the persons affected.

Sinus Infection and Homeopathy Treatment

Sinus Infection and Homeopathy Treatment

Sinusitis also has helpful homeopathic ways. 

  • It is used when there is a feeling of throbbing and burning pains in the sinuses 
  • This medicine is perfect when a feeling of fullness in the head is as if it can just burst  
  • It is touted to be an appropriate remedy for those affected with sneezes, and the bursting pain at nostrils becomes sore 
  • It is the most appropriate medicine when there is a thick stringy discharge from the nose 
  • It provides relief when you feel dull and heavy and suffer from an irresistible pain  
  • It is another standard medicine used when there is a lot of head pain because of chronic sinusitis 
  • Perfect homeopathic medicine when there is a sharp shooting pain in the head and around the eyes 

Preventive Measures 

Though the treatment for sinusitis is available, the below mentioned points are considered as the best ways to prevent it

  • Exercise regularly
  • Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables to boost the immune system 
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Reducing stress
  • Washing your hands often

By practicing these preventive methods, people suffering from sinusitis can be relieved from disease. 

Other Considerations  

Here are a few conditions to consult a physician to get advice for better health. 

Feeling ill or sick for weeks, your medical practitioner may advise you to visit a specialist and get test reports to examine the root cause of the infection.


Pregnancy is a beautiful phase where the would-be mother will be on cloud nine, and it is the stage to be cautious as most of these may get affected with Sinus. During this phase, practitioners advise not to undergo these even in lactating stages also. It is recommended to ask your doctor before starting any medication. 


Though sinusitis is not a life-threatening disease if treated correctly in a physician’s care. There is treatment available. Suppose antibiotics and medications do not work. A specialist or physician appointment is advised to book for surgery on the nasal and sinus. These surgeries can improve drainage flow and remove infected mucosal materials. 

Children are sensitive towards sinusitis, and removing the adenoids protects them from clearing up problems related to the disease. Opening of the nasal airway through the removal of nasal polyps and correction of a deviated nasal septum can also be accomplished through surgery.  


We at Dr. Care Homeopathy provide top-quality practices for Diabetes, Allergy, Infertility and many other chronic and acute diseases. Even Sinus infection can be treated effectively. Homeopathic Treatment for Sinusitis works very well and is exceptionally effective. 

Most importantly, there are no side effects of the homeopathic medicines, which is the ultimate reason for the preference of the homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic medicines are a much safer option and enhance the body’s defense system to fight infection. Sinus infection and homeopathy treatment triggers the immunity of the individuals in initial consultations. Experiencing Difficulty in breathing? Talk to our experts